Posted by: softypapa | October 3, 2007

Vintage Japanese Photo – Young Men Posing on Engawa


This wonderful old photo captures nicely the sense of transition which Japan was undergoing during the late 19th and early 20th century from a tradition-base feudal society into a modern nation.  The young men who are the subjects of this photo are wearing traditional Japanese and western style clothing though each seems to prefer to wear wooden geta clogs upon his feet.  This portrait was shot upon the engawa veranda which is a common and important feature of the Japanese home, giving occupants a place to rest and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comforts of the indoor area.  This original old photograph is in fair condition with some warping, scratches, stains, fading and discoloration.  The photo dates from the early to mid 20th century and was acquired in the historic city of Shizuoka, Japan near the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Size of photographic image*:
Height: 4.0 inches (10.3 centimeters)
Width: 3.1 inches (8.0 centimeters)
*excluding any mounting or border

Important notes:
To the best of our knowledge the photographic image offered with this listing is an original print and not a later duplication.  Age estimates as well as descriptions of the people and events occurring in the image are based on available information such as settings and activities depicted in the image as well as our experience with Japanese culture.  All photographs purchased from us are carefully sealed in plastic and shipped in a box instead of an envelope to prevent damage during transit.

Many of the photographs we list are uploaded to our Japan Vintage Photo Blog which is an on-line gallery of unique and interesting images of old Japan.  The purpose of this blog is strictly to share some of the wonderful photographs we encounter in the course of our work, and to provide a digital archive to preserve these images into the future.  If you purchase a photograph from us and do not want a digital copy of your image displayed in the photo blog or archive then please simply send us an email indicating your preference and we will promptly remove the image.

 Please contact us with any questions.

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item code: R3S5B2A6-0003292
category code: furuishashin
ship code: L1650


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